Fairfax officials will dedicate a new 25-kilowatt solar system for the roof of the Fairfax Pavilion at a 6 p.m. ceremony Aug. 5 at the Fairfax Farmers Market in Bolinas Park. The new system, built by SPG Solar, Inc. of Novato, will provide electricity for the Fairfax Town Hall, police department and fire station, as well as the Pavilion.

Officials estimate that the new solar system will reduce the town's greenhouse gas production by 32 metric tons of carbon dioxide each year. A flat-screen monitor at Town Hall will allow residents to track the system's effectiveness. The Town Council plans to review its greenhouse gas emissions inventory, a survey of Fairfax's responses to climate change, at its Sept. 2 meeting.

"We encourage every citizen to examine their own activities and search for ways to reduce their personal greenhouse gas emissions at home, work, school or while commuting," Mayor David Weinsoff said.