Solar Rebates

Solar Rebates can help you to reduce or even eliminate your electric bill by taking advantage of many generous cash rebates for the installation of a solar system on your home or place of business.

The government is literally handing out money in solar rebates and other programs all over the country to help you finally say goodbye to high electric bills.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems utilize clean, renewable energy from the sun to produce electricity. Today's solar PV technology is proven and can provide a significant portion of the electricity needed to power your home or facility.  Discover what solar rebates are available to you so that installing PV can be more affordable.

In this blog, we include information about federal, state, local and utility incentives and solar rebates for solar energy systems. These include tax credits, tax deductions, property tax relief, purchase incentives (rebates), production incentives, and more. Some of these rebates are specific to solar electric, solar water heating, solar pool and spa heating.

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