Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Help us Fight for Solar in Florida

Friends, I am writing asking for your help.  Solar is under attack from utilities trying to stop competition and fossil fuel interests.  The first battleground is Florida.  Policies in Florida are effectively blocking the sun. The utilities have great clout due to their campaign contributions and great wealth.

I have formed a new group to engage in this epic battle. The groups is called "Conservatives For Energy Freedom" and we have recruited conservatives on the ground in Florida to help us do battle. We are preparing to engage  in an epic way. We are talking about legislative action, ballot initiative and creating pressure on the Florida Public Service Commission.

We need to raise funds to bring up a web site and to get us started. I am asking you to please consider donating $25 - $100 to assist us in getting started. The Florida PSC is expected to rule  in a few weeks on a utility's (FPL) request to raise electric rates so they can engage in risky fracking ventures in Colorado. It is beyond belief that FPL wants to use another state's natural resources instead of taking advantage Florida's natural resource of the sun.

I have attached a press release we sent out last week about the PSC. Please read the news items at the links below.

You can donate using your credit card by clicking on the link below. You don't have to have a PayPal account to give.  Please help us fight for free market energy and solar and forward this email to friends that may be interested. Time is of the essence.


Thank You,
Green Tea