Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ESA Renewables Begins Contract Negotiations for up to 65MW at Intersolar North America

Florida based turnkey solar solutions provider declares solar industry exhibition a success

Lake Mary, FL., July 19, 2011 - ESA Renewables, a leading turnkey solar system provider, is pleased to announce its success at the Intersolar North America 2011 trade show last week. Relationships developed at the show resulted in contract negotiations for up to 65MW in solar farm installations across the United States. ESA also received a good response from attendees on ESA's newly debuted renewable energy monitoring system.

"Intersolar was a huge success for ESA Renewables," said Jeffrey Burkett, President of ESA Renewables. "Not only were we able to showcase our new renewable energy monitoring system and offer live feed, online tutorials, but we came back to Florida with almost 65MW of pending contracts and many new strategic partners."

The conference and exhibition was held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, July 12-14, 2011. During the solar industry exhibition, ESA Renewables received a good response from attendees on its photovoltaic monitoring system which was unveiled at the show. This proprietary monitoring system can be integrated into any solar installation. It allows for simplified, centralized, reliable and secure data management for solar power plants.

“This solar industry trade show presented ESA Renewables with a huge opportunity in which to interact directly with new strategic partners, expand our business into new market areas and further develop relationships with utility companies who are in the process of implementing solar programs,” said Jeffrey Burkett, ESA Renewables President. "We are very pleased with the outcome."

About ESA:
Founded in 2002, ESA is a solar engineering company positioned as a leader in the industry providing turnkey solar PV systems globally. ESA owns and operates a diverse portfolio of over 475 solar PV power generating facilities located in the United States, Puerto Rico, Spain, France, and Italy. ESA’s scope of services include: financing, engineering, construction, testing and operation, maintenance and monitoring. For more information about ESA, please call 407-268-6455.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Solar Powered Oil Rigs

Instead of using natural gas to generate the steam that is injected into reservoirs to force oil to the surface in oil recovery operations, oil companies are now using a greener option - solar power.

With a combination of lightweight mirrors encased in a glass house, this technology uses the sun to produce steam. This new method is five times more productive per acre than that of a traditional solar tower facility.

Using this new solar technology to create steam, almost eighty percent of the oil recovery needs, lowering the amount of natural gas used in an equal percentage.

While this technology is still in its early-stages of development, it is just now being commercialized.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

ESA Renewables Completes 1MW Solar Farm in Less Than Three Weeks

North Carolina solar farm quickly begins to generate clean energy through efficient installation

Lake Mary, FL July 8, 2011 – ESA Renewables, LLC, a leading turnkey solar system provider, has completed a 1MW solar farm in North Carolina in just two and one-half weeks.

The 1MW solar farm is installed on Wingate Road in Murphy, North Carolina. The installation consists of approximately 4,340 ground-mounted Canadian Solar modules.

"Prior to construction, ESA needed to moved 26-feet of dirt to level the site for optimal positioning of the solar array. For another company, this might have been considered a difficult solar installation, but our team managed just fine," said Jeffrey Burkett, president of ESA Renewables.

The PV system will produce an estimated 1.3 million kilowatt-hours each year. This clean energy is enough to power more than 150 average sized homes. Using the solar energy generated from this solar installation reduces carbon emissions by 936 tons of CO2 a year - the equivalent of 4,681 trees sequestered annually.

"ESA Renewables prides itself in providing working turnkey systems in the most efficient way possible," added Burkett. "This project is further proof of ESA's commitment to making 'going solar' easy."

The solar farm was designed, engineered, procured, constructed and managed by ESA Renewables, LLC. It created 26 local jobs for this small community of less than 2,000 residents. All of the power generated will be sold back to the Tennessee Valley Authority providing power to the local utility grid. ESA will operate and maintain the farm for the duration of the 10-year contract.

About ESA Renewables, LLC
Located in Lake Mary, FL, ESA Renewables has positioned itself as a leader in the industry providing turnkey solar PV systems globally. ESA owns and operates a diverse portfolio of over 400 solar PV power generating facilities located in the United States, Puerto Rico, Spain and Italy. ESA’s scope of services for these projects include financing, engineering, construction, procurement and commissioning and long term operation and maintenance. With headquarters in Castellon Spain, ESA has additional offices in Florida, Puerto Rico, France and Italy. For more information about ESA Renewables, LLC, please visit or call 407-536-5346.