Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Solar Water Heater Open-Loop Direct Systems

Used in tropical settings where freezing never occurs, this is the simplest of the active systems. A standard, 52-gallon (200 l) electric tank can be used, teamed with a 40-square-foot (3.7 m2) solar thermal collector. Normally the electric element is not hooked up, so this tank becomes a storage tank only, for preheated water feeding an existing backup water heater.

An air vent, automatic or manual, is installed at the high point of the solar thermal collector to initially purge air. The pump, a small circulator pump using as little as 10 watts, can be powered directly by a 10-watt PV module, or a thermostatically controlled AC pump can be used. A snap-switch sensor can be installed to limit the temperature the solar tank reaches. Standard snap-switch sensors are available for 160°F or 180°F (71 or 82°C).

The following illustration includes the primary components of any open-loop direct system.

Open Loop Direct System

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