Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Apple Patents Touch Solar Power Surfaces for iPhone and iPad

Apple has filed a patent for "media players" with integrated touch sensor solar panel surfaces." That's right: integrated. So Apple has been considering incorporating solar panels into the touch surfaces of their iPods and iPhones--maybe even their iPads. The panels would be completely hidden under the touch screen, so you could still keep the same slick design.

This patent was filed in late 2008 (it's just now hitting the internet, thanks to Patently Apple), and we have yet to see any solar devices from Apple. However, as Ecogeek points out, they just changed the metal back of the iPhone 4 to a glass one. The patent diagrams show an internal double-sided solar panel. So with a glass, solar-charging back to the phone... you wouldn't need to worry about what side you put it down on. Plus, it could be charging even as you talk on it.

Fingers crossed for seeing solar power in the iPhone 5!


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