Sunday, March 6, 2011

200MW of Renewable Energy Projects up for Bid

New Generation Power Michigan, LLC has announced that it is bidding 100MW of solar renewable energy and 100MW of wind renewable energy projects for a total of 200MW of renewable energy projects for Detroit Edison Company's request for proposal, or RFP.

The projects are estimated to cost between $650 and $700 million dollars and will bring green investment and quality jobs to Michigan. The New Generation Power Michigan Team includes the following major members:

New Generation Power is the prime contractor and manages the renewable energy system. Patriot Solar will provide Engineering, Procurement and Construction and racking materials for PV solar projects. Martifer Solar USA will provide Engineering, Procurement and Construction for PV solar projects.

Windemuller Electric will provide Engineering, Procurement and Construction for wind generation projects. Starr Commonwealth provides the land to build solar and wind facilities. Wanxiang America provides solar PV panels Made in USA. Solar Street Lights USA provides solar engineering. Anderson Environmental & Engineering provides environmental permitting and assessments.

"We are excited to have such an extraordinary team," said Dr Chirinjeev Kathuria, President of New Generation Power. "Our team recognizes the initiative launched by DTE Energy and Detroit Edison to expand the renewable energy space in Michigan, and we will provide cutting-edge, world-class photovoltaic solar power and wind generation systems to Detroit Edison and their customers."

A portion of the projects' profits will go Starr Commonwealth to enhance their mission of providing positive environments where children flourish through programs for at-risk youth in Michigan, Ohio and nationally. The New Generation Power Michigan team will also provide internships, learning opportunities and employment for Starr Commonwealth youth.

The projects are located in and around Albion, Michigan and will be able to generate enough electricity to power over 28,500 homes and reduce carbon dioxide emissions at a rate of 283,000 tons annually, equivalent to the emissions from over 47,000 cars.

New Generation Power Michigan partnered with Michigan based and Michigan affiliated companies to utilize local resources to create and retain jobs for the Michigan work force. New Generation Power Michigan estimates that approximately 500 jobs will either be saved or created in the Albion market alone as well as thousands of other jobs across the country, including design services and manufacturing.


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