Wednesday, August 31, 2011

German Company Bringing Jobs & Solar Farms to Pinellas County

There's been a buzz about a large, overseas solar company setting up shop in Pinellas County, Florida and bringing with it hundreds of jobs. At the same time, the arrival of such a company could put the Southeast on the map in producing solar energy.

Word has it that this could happen in less than six months. Several sources confirm that a German company will build a solar plant and solar farms in Pinellas County.  Additionally, at least one business in Pinellas County making a commitment to go all solar.

The company chose the Dome Industrial site as a hub, where you'll find Pinellas Technical Education Centers.  The move is expected to bring 160 full-time jobs at the solar plant And 100 more jobs per solar farm built. Several solar farms are expected to be built.
Representatives with Florida Solar Energy Center said while solar electricity costs in Florida aren't competitive yet with electricity out of the wall, it's on par to be by 2016.

The name of the German company has yet to be released; however representative from the company will be back in the bay area at the beginning of September meeting with tax attorneys and firming up plans. This news has spurred interest from an Australian company, which is now also looking at building a solar plant in the bay area. Those talks are still in early stages.

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