Wednesday, January 25, 2012

SolarKindle Solar Powered Kindle Cover-Battery Debuts At CES 2012

SolarKindle is the first ever cover of its kind — other than protecting your precious Kindle, it also acts as an external battery that charges up your Kindle on the go through solar power. That’s right, the Kindle just got that much greener. Now you can almost forget about having to charge your Kindle because the makers of SolarKindle guarantee 3 months of usage under normal sunlit conditions. However, that is not always the case now in Winter, so you can at least look forward to an external battery with the cover fully charged up.
SolarKindle leather lighted cover for Kindle 4

Along with the cover with an integrated solar panel and battery, the SolarKindle also as a Lux LED lamp for reading your Kindle in the dark. On full charge, you can use this lamp for 50 hours without having to depend on your Kindle’s battery at all. Now that’s happy extended reading.

The SolarKindle is on display at this moment at the CES 2012 event being helpd in Las Vegas, USA. It will go on sale next week on January 15. But you must know something before you put it on your wishlist.

The SolarKindle is all good except for the price tag, which is a little on the steep side. It comes for $79.99 — which is basically as much as your basic Kindle model that many of us own. However, give the value that it adds to all Kindle models, it is clearly a good investment. Plus it is quite flexible also.

If you are living in an environment that has no sunlight (let’s say the north pole in winter), you can charge back up battery through your USB port as well. This charge will then be used to power the built in light or to extend the life of the built in Kindle battery, whichever you like.

However, when used as it is meant to be used, the solar panel mounted on the face of the cover can absorb about three day’s worth of power in about an hour. Which means under normal sunlit conditions you would be able to full up your Kindle’s battery and the back up battery in no time at all. Perfect for those trips away from civilization where you let go of your phone’s reception but not the ability to read your Kindle. We understand though — it can be very hard to stop before knowing whether the butler did it or not. Whatever you reason is, the SolarKindle seems pretty able to power you through your latest pageturner.

Kindle’s popularity is clearly visible in the kind of response it is generating from third party vendors who make accessories and applications. The Kindle Fire already sold in huge numbers this holiday season and Amazon is right now leading the e-book market almost entirely because of their amazing line of e-book readers. B&N might be struggling hard to catch up but it will take them a lot of effort to even match up to Amazon at this point, let alone best them in their own game, so to say.


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