Sunday, December 16, 2012

Solar Provides The Montague Company Savings & Competitive Advantage

For 150 years, The Montague Company has known that its greatest asset is its people. However, to continue offering its employees a high standard of living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Montague needed a way to reduce costs. Adding to the urgency, utility costs were rising, and competition was increasing pressure in the marketplace. The regulatory environment and client preferences for energy-conscious manufacturers made renewable energy a critical part of a sound 21st-century business model. After performing solid due diligence on its renewable energy options, Montague selected solar power because it met the company’s multiple criteria and would do so cost-effectively.

Vista Solar stood out from other commercial solar installation firms because of its professionalism, personal communication, and well-researched energy bill analysis. Vista Solar’s design included SunPower® self-ballasting T10 Solar Roof Tiles and SunPower high-efficiency solar panels. The SunPower reputation made Montague confident that the proposed solar solution would produce reliably for the long-term and the self-ballasting technology meant their system would be installed without requiring hundreds of penetrations on their recently renovated roof. Furthermore, because SunPower products produce more electricity per square foot than standard solar panels, The Montague Company would still have available roof space to accommodate system expansion if their electrical demands increased.

Vista Solar recently commissioned the newly installed 376 kW solar system at Montague’s Hayward, California facility. Their new system is the equivalent of 83 residential solar systems and will provide enough electricity to eliminate 100% of The Montague Company’s electric bill. Over the next 25 years, the system will save the company more than $5 million, helping the company to stay local and remain competitive in its industry. “Going solar with Vista Solar and SunPower® was one of the best investment decisions that I’ve made. It’s going to have a hugely positive financial impact on the company for the next 20 to 25 years” said Tom Whalen, President of The Montague Company. The numerous benefits of installing solar make The Montague Company financially stronger and more competitive than ever, helping to ensure that the company is well-positioned for another successful 150 years of business.

About The Montague Company As a family-owned, family-operated business, The Montague Company continues the proud tradition of using skilled techniques and fine craftsmanship, acquired by over 150 years of specialized manufacturing experience, to deliver the highest quality commercial cooking equipment on the market. The Montague Company offers the LEGEND series of heavy-duty ranges, counter equipment, fryers, broilers, gourmet pizza ovens, Chinese ranges and EXCALIBUR custom island suites, TECHNOSTAR medium duty restaurant ranges and counter equipment and VECTAIRE high volume convection ovens. Being an independent family business enables The Montague Company to take on a more personal approach to providing customized solutions for your cooking requirements. (

About Vista Solar, Inc. Vista Solar is an award-winning solar design and installation firm serving the commercial and agricultural markets throughout California. Vista Solar offers $0-down financing solutions that allow organizations and business to save money on their Utility bills without any capital outlay. There is one fundamental principle driving the culture of Vista Solar - our job isn’t complete until each customer is reference-able. (


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