Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Solar Powered Seats Installed on Boston's Greenway

Solar powered seats installed on Boston's Greenway
Sandra Richter and Kris Carter explain the green initiative

(NECN) - We've all been there: You're out and about - and then your cell phone dies.

There's now a new option to re-charge your phone in Boston, and all it takes is for you to sit down.

The Rose Kennedy Greenway in downtown Boston now features solar-powered seats.

The seats' creators Sandra Richter and Kris Carter joined NECN Business with more insight into their green initiative.

"Basically you just need to sit down on the chair, and then you open up a little clap and then you take your USB charger and you just plug it into the solar seat and that charges your phone all by itself," Richter says.

Carter, who is an adviser to Mayor Menino on green initiatives, says there are other sustainable projects in the works for the city of Boston.

"We think of this as part of the Complete Streets policy that's focused on being green and smart and whether that's a bench where you can charge your phone or whether it's something down the line where we have parking sensors that tell you where vacant spaces might be," he says.

Source: http://www.necn.com/11/06/13/Solar-powered-seats-installed-on-Bostons/landing_business.html?blockID=857029&feedID=11126

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