Thursday, July 30, 2015

As more and more utility scale solar installations come online, the need for better solar asset management and analytics tools for managing diverse solar PV portfolios grows.
In the United States, distributed solar photovoltaic (PV) has seen unprecedented growth with the cumulative capacity now surpassing 15 gigawatts (GW). Previously, the focus has been on building projects. Now, that undertaking shares the limelight with operations and maintenance (O&M) due to the maturation of the industry and its equipment.
Skilled O&M of solar assets takes sophisticated management and analytics software along with the ability to diagnosis issues remotely saving on costs of dispatching trucks and engineering fees. Without the right tools, plans and experience in solar asset management, O&M costs go up and energy yield goes down.
Who do you have watching over your assets?
Miller Bros. Solar (MBS) is a chosen leader in operations and maintenance (O&M) solutions due to the company’s project expertise, full construction capabilities, and 160+ pieces of heavy equipment. MBS is one of the few electrical contractors that can simultaneously self-perform multiple utility scale solar projects while exceeding client expectations, controlling costs and adhering to timelines and customer schedules. For more information, visit or call 610-832-1000.

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