Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pennsylvania’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard

Pennsylvania has a robust renewable energy market and is part of one of the largest mandated solar photovoltaic markets in the United States, along with the surrounding states of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and New York. Each of these states also has large solar photovoltaic requirements in their Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (AEPS).
The Roots of Pennsylvania Solar
In 2004, the Pennsylvania General Assembly passed a law, AEPS Act 213, which required that an annually increasing percentage of electricity sold to retail customers in Pennsylvania come from alternative energy sources. The law requires that 18 percent of electricity sold at retail in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to be generated by alternative energy sources by 2021. This includes a “Solar Share” of 0.5%, which equates to 863 MW from solar photovoltaic (PV) energy.
Alternative Energy Credits (AECs)
The AEPS program requires that retail energy suppliers utilize Alternative Energy Credits (AECs) for demonstrating compliance with the standard. An AEC is created each time a qualified alternative energy facility produces 1000 kWh of electricity. The AEC is then be sold or traded separately from the power. This makes it easy for individuals and businesses to finance and invest in clean, emission free solar power.
Pennsylvania Solar Industry Facts
  • Pennsylvania is one of the largest solar employers in the nation as home to more than 471 solar businesses.
  • Throughout the value chain, 2800 people are employed.
  • 10MW of solar electric capacity was installed in 2014 in Pennsylvania
  • With 249MW of solar energy currently installed in Pennsylvania, there’s enough solar power installed to power 29,000 homes.
  • Recognizing the value and potential of solar photovoltaics (PV) to provide reliable, emissions-free, distributed electricity, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s state government is clearly leading by example with nearly 30% of its electricity needs coming from renewable energy sources.
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