Thursday, June 25, 2009

Consumers likely to see more U.S.-made solar products

Consumers across the country are expected to see the cost of solar energy products fall in the next year, with help from the growing number of U.S-based manufacturing facilities.

This week, Vice President Joe Biden visited the Toledo area to call attention to the growing importance of solar energy when it comes to reviving the nation's manufacturing sector.

Biden was in Toledo to call attention to the city's success in adapting its old manufacturing facilities, which focused on automobile glass, into new factories turning out solar panels and other such products.

The Obama administration has signed various tax incentives and other provisions into law that will benefit companies offering clean energy products and services, as well as homeowners who want to invest in photovoltaic panels and other renewable energy technologies.

Along with the tax incentives, many industry analysts have predicted that the recession and other conditions in the solar energy industry such as the cost of materials will result in a significant drop in prices in the next year.

SOURCE: Washington Energy Services

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