Monday, June 15, 2009

TVA Expands Renewable Energy Program, Offers Incentives

CHATTANOOGA, TN - TVA is offering new incentives to encourage the use of renewable energy. The incentives are being offered to homes and businesses. TVA hopes the new incentives will increase the supply of renewable energy in the Tennessee Valley.

The incentives are offered through an expanded Generation Partners pilot program. The program provides technical support and incentives for the installation of renewable generation systems.

Customers sell all of the power they generate to TVA at a premium price, and the local power company credits the customer for the generation received through a credit on their monthly electric bill.

The program also offers new customers a one-time incentive of $1,000 to help offset startup costs for the installation of renewable resources like wind or solar generation.

Other new program features include biomass energy and low-impact hydropower, which were not part of the previous pilot program. Previously, only solar and wind were eligible.

"The Generation Partners program allows TVA and local power distributors to work together with those customers who are interested in expanding renewable energy across the Valley," said TVA Senior Manager of Generation Partners Susan Ross.

The Generations Partners pilot program has been offered since 2003, and 68 homeowners in the region currently participate.

"We also encourage anyone thinking about purchasing renewable energy sources to check out the federal and state tax credits that may be available," said Ross.

More information on federal and state tax credits can be found at

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