Thursday, August 6, 2009

San Francisco Solar Powered Bus Shelter

Situated at Geary and Arguello boulevards in the Richmond District, the new bus shelter features an undulating solar roof that calls to mind both the hills of San Francisco and a seismic wave (this is earthquake territory after all!) The roof is constructed from an innovative 40% post-industrial recycled polycarbonate material embedded with thin-film photovoltaic cells, and the steel structure is composed of 75% recycled material. The shelter also features a pushbutton update system, more room for transit information, and is expected feed back energy into the city’s electrical grid.

Ironically, the site of the first shelter happens to be one of the foggiest parts of town, but it sets a great standard for things to come. The current ruby red color scheme will see a shift to amber as more shelters are installed along Market Street and throughout San Francisco. Mayor Newsom has stated: “Transit shelters that use photovoltaics, LEDS, and WiFi are going to be standard in the future and I’m proud that San Francisco is once again acting like the pace car for other cities by trying and implementing these technologies.”

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