Thursday, August 27, 2009

Solar Knowledge: What is an Inverter?

InverterBattery-Based Inverter

Inverters transform the DC electricity produced by your PV modules into the alternating current (AC) electricity commonly used in most homes for powering lights, appliances, and other gadgets. Grid-tied inverters synchronize the electricity they produce with the grid’s utility grade AC electricity, allowing the system to feed solar-made electricity to the utility grid.

Most grid-tie inverters are designed to operate without batteries, but battery-based models also are available. Battery-based inverters for off-grid oGrid-Intertied Inverterr grid-tie use often include a battery charger, which is capable of charging a battery bank from either the grid or a backup generator during cloudy weather.

Most grid-Intertied inverters can be installed outdoors (ideally, in the shade). Most off-grid inverters are not weatherproof and should be mounted indoors, close to the battery bank.

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