Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ohio Runs Out of Money for Solar Grants

Ohio's state Department of Development recently ceased accepting applications for grants from its Advanced Energy Fund, according to a report from the Columbus Dispatch. In particular, the program was set to reduce costs for residential systems significantly.
Due to the massive popularity of a state-run program designed to entice homeowners and businesses alike to invest in solar power, Ohio recently announced that it has run out of money for the associated grant program.

In all, 204 businesses and consumers applied for grants before November 5 but were told they would not receive them, the report said. The program gave out $15.6 million in grants between July and November.

"The (grants) were structured on a first-come, first served basis," Chad Smith, interim energy resources director for the Department of Development, told the newspaper. "From July to November, we did more projects than we ever did in any fiscal year."

Many consumers left in the cold by the program's shortfalls will still likely be able to qualify for similar grants from programs run by the federal government.


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