Monday, February 13, 2012

L.A. Ranks Second in California in Solar Power Study

Los Angeles ranks as the California city with the second-highest amount of solar installations and solar electricity generated, according to a report released Wednesday.

The report by the Environment California Research and Policy Center found that L.A. ranks behind San Diego in terms of the number of solar installations on residential, commercial and government buildings, with more than 4,000 projects installed.

L.A. is also second to San Diego in the total amount of solar electricity generated, with 36 megawatts, the report said.

Michelle Kinman, a coauthor of the project, said the reporting shows L.A. is "closing in" on San Diego.

"If city leaders embrace visionary policies today," she said in a statement, "the city can lead not only the stat, but the nation toward a clean energy future."

Officials released the report at Robert E. Byrd Middle School in Sun Valley. A solar system was recently installed on the parking lot's shade structure, expected to save more than $1.6 million over 20 years -- and $60,000 in the first year, L.A. Unified School District officials said.

It's one of more than a thousand solar rooftop systems installed in L.A. since 1999, the report said.


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