Friday, February 3, 2012

Solar Panels UK Launches Solar Suitability Checker Tool

Solar Panels UK has just launched the Solar Panels Suitability Checker on its highly successful website. The Suitability Checker is an interactive tool designed to help homeowners evaluate potential solar panel sites on an individual basis.

The Feed in Tariff provides a strong incentive to purchase and install PV panel micro-generators. To minimize ROI periods, solar panels should be positioned to collect the maximum amount of available sunlight. The Solar Panels Suitability Checker helps homeowners identify the areas of a property that receive the highest concentrations of sunlight.

When consumers enter a postal code, the Suitability Checker generates a drop-down list of addresses. Selecting a street address brings up a high-resolution GeoEye satellite image of the property. A sunlight density overlay can be toggled on or off of the photo. By positioning a reference point over the location where solar panels might be installed and toggling on the sunlight density overlay, users instantly see if the position is optimal or should perhaps be reconsidered.

Solar Panels UK, owned and operated by K9 Web Design, is the leading online solar panel price comparison site in the UK, and the innovative Solar Panels Suitability Checker is yet another lever the company wields to provide consumers with the best prices and information available. The Solar Panels Suitability Checker should not be used as the sole basis for purchasing a PV panels system, but it is a powerful tool that can help consumers determine whether or not a particular location is favourable for solar electricity generation.

The company has been in business for more than four years and has created a strong network of solar industry contacts. The company does not sell PV panels directly. Instead, Solar Panels UK collects information and provides consumers with competitive offers drawn from the largest database of conservatory companies in the UK. Many of these companies offer exclusive online pricing through Solar Panels UK.

For some consumers, the price is the deciding factor when selecting a solar design or installation company. The initial cost is indeed important when the only goal is the shortest possible ROI period, but ROI is not the only consideration, and other factors can be equally important. By providing quotes from multiple independent companies, Solar Panels UK allows consumers to compare factors such as payment options, company history, or prior job performance.

The website also features informative buyers’ guides on PV panels and solar water heating systems, provides general information on the Feed in Tariff and the Renewable Heat Incentive, and explains how government programs are making solar technology and renewable energy consumption more affordable for middle-class homeowners than ever before.

Combined with information from the conservatory database, the buyers’ guides and the Solar Panels Suitability Checker enable homeowners to make informed decisions on the types of systems to consider in more detail and from what companies to consider purchases.

Solar Panels UK is a registered member of the Renewable Energy Association and the Solar Trade Association, and the company actively supports environmental protection and the mitigation of climate-changing activities through Act On CO2.


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