Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Report Highlights Growth Of Clean Energy Industry In Massachusetts

A new report says Massachusetts has added more than 28,000 jobs since 2010 in the so-called clean energy sector…creating a $10 billion industry.

The job numbers are contained in the latest report by the state funded Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, based on a survey of employers. Western Massachusetts saw an 8% growth with nearly a thousand clean energy firms employing almost 12,000 workers. Leading the way, says UMass Economics Professor Robert Pollin, has been solar installation fueled by state and federal incentives.

“And as the costs come down over time and as the solar industry matures, it is going to become the dominant source of energy in the next twenty years or so,” says Pollin.

The report says solar and wind generation in Massachusetts has grown from just 6 megawatts in 2007 to 746 megawatts this year. The report was touted by Governor Deval Patrick as proof that his clean energy strategy, launched seven years ago when he first took office, is working.


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