Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dying to Be GREEN - Solar Funeral Products

Green funerals, burials and cremations are becoming more and more popular. What's also coming to light is that funeral and cemetery products are going solar! Here are a few green options for your graveside memorials from Grave and Garden.

This beautiful Solar Light Cross is a wonderful tribute for a family member or friend and is a comforting gift to anyone who has lost a loved one. The Solar Light Cross charges by the sun everyday and lights up at night. The Solar Light Cross stands 14" x 10" tall and comes with an 8" stake that can be placed in the ground or in an existing vase. Two solar rechargeable batteries are included. Also marketed as the "Eternal Light Cross". Price: $33.99

The Solar Light Angel brings comfort and peace with her flowing detail and brilliant light. The Solar Light Angel stands 14" tall and 10" wide and comes with a stake and two solar rechargeable batteries. Also marketed as the "Eternal Light Angel". Price $43.99

The music on this waterproof picture frame plays automatically when visitors approach your loved one's grave. It's powered by the sun and you can personalize the epitaph window with your sentiments for free through Grave and Garden. The heavy golden memory frame measures 9.5" x 10" and comes with a stake. Price $39.99

As a side note, I recall a trip a few years back to my cabin in North Carolina driving along an old country road at night. From the distance I could see a glow and as I approached, it became clear what the glow was from - solar crosses. At first I thought it was very creepy, and had it been Halloween, I would have thought it was some kind of joke. But, after a few more trips past the cemetery during that vacation visit, I thought of the local folks who put those crosses on their families graves. It probably gives them great comfort to be able to see their father's or daughters cross glowing in the night from the road, even if they're on their way to town and aren't stopping in for a visit. So, to each his own.


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ugaqa said...

All that plastic and stuff does not seem so green. Also consider less technological green burials where folks bury the dead in the ground without a casket or marker:

tulip1810 said...


I am a avid solar promoter in that I love solar lights in my yard rather than using electricty. I found a little humour in that angel that is a light up. Graveyards is a different place for a solar light! They probably aren't enjoying them much! But I think this is a good topic for discussion! Catch at Clean Green. Thanks for sharing! God Bless! Mona

Rohan said...

For something a little more extreme, look for solar crematoria on