Monday, February 8, 2010

Solar Power Hanging Basket Rotator

This is an unusual use for solar power, but it actually does make some sense. It's a solar powered hanging basket rotator. Using the power of the sun, it'll spin your basket for you so that your plants get their fair share of daylight. But, do evenly exposed hanging plants justify the use of solar cells and electronics?

From Basket Rotator's website:

The Basket Rotator does all the turning for you. Just hang your basket from a Basket Rotator and the device does the rest; no need to keep an eye on it, no need to add batteries, just enjoy your basket display! ...the movement is silent and smooth so if you stand and watch you will only witness the slightest of movement but over 24 hours the basket will be turned at least twice and works even in the winter so great for showing off your autumn and winter hanging baskets.

On the one hand, how hard is it to rotate a basket yourself? Is it that necessary to add to the e-waste pile? But, on the other hand, it's really easy to forget to rotate baskets and ensuring even exposure is important for healthy plants. If it makes growing your own herbs or veggies that much easier, and will last at the very least a few years, perhaps it is worth it.

The device is priced at £11 ($18), which isn't too bad, and if it means more fresh herbs or tomatoes during this year's hanging harvest then it might end up paying for itself.


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