Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Solar Powered Luggage Tags?

Solar power...on your luggage tag. It's like combining a pen and a clock - do the two really need to go together? Do they actually compliment one another? This device attempts to put solar power in a handy, versatile place. But it doesn't seem to quite hit the nail on the head.

Granted, this might be a good idea if it's the only way you'll remember to bring a solar charger on your trip with you.

The device can recharge a set of AAA batteries, or USB-connected gadgets. That way, if you're on vacation and your camera battery dies, you could charge it up with sunlight. However, it might take your whole vacation to gather enough energy for a recharge using your luggage tag. Supposedly it can charge gadgets with just 4 hours of direct sunlight, or 8 hours of indirect sunlight, but that's likely an optimistic estimate.

The device is set to ship in February for $35. If you're planning a trip where you expect your luggage to be sitting around in places with ample sunlight, and this is the only way you'll remember to bring solar as a backup, then by all means...go for it.


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