Saturday, November 20, 2010

NFL Team to Power Stadium with Renewable Energy System

On Thursday, Philadelphia Eagles announced plans to install solar, wind and duel-fuel renewable energy systems at the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA.

They have partnered with Florida-based company SolarBlue, and will install 2,500 solar panels on the exterior of the stadium, 80 20-foot spiral wind turbines on the stadium rim, and build a 7.6-MW onsite dual-fuel cogeneration plant.

The self-generated renewable energy is expected to produce 1.039 billion kWh of electricity over the course of the next 20 years, and is estimated to save the NFL team $60 million in energy costs.

SolarBlue will invest $30 million in this project and expects to complete the installation by September 2011. The installation builds upon the team’s sustainability program, which includes water reduction, energy conservation, recycling, and toxic chemical avoidance.


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