Thursday, November 25, 2010

Solar Lions? Solar Wreaths? It's True!

The two bronze lions who guard the Art Institute of Chicago on Michigan Avenue will soon be wearing holiday wreaths again, but this year's wreaths will be a bit different.

For starters, they will be solar-powered. And their designers, the husband-and-wife firm of Stephanie and Bruce Tharp, have given them a different look, too. They have combined the look of traditional North American cranberry wreaths with the spirit of Buddhist and Taoist wishing trees.

The wreaths will be composed of a total of 2,011 spheres in various shades of red. And inside each sphere will be "a wish for the world in 2011" written by Chicago-area schoolchildren.

The wreaths will be placed on the lions the day after Thanksgiving.



Lyn Hicks said...

Love this story! Is there anyway to tweet or post on fb?

Lyn Hicks said...

Posted it! Silly question! Thanks for the story, it was a nice little tidbit!