Sunday, November 21, 2010

Silicon Valley Solar Manufacturer to Relocate

Silicon Valley-based solar manufacturer and designer SunPower Corporation said today its growth plans require a move to a new headquarters.

The company said it will remain in San Jose, California, but will move next spring to a three-building campus on Rio Robles.

The existing buildings are being renovated to achieve the LEED gold standard in efficiency, before SunPower moves in its 300 corporate staff including its finance, communications, product development and engineering teams.

Staff numbers at SunPower’s new HQ are expected to grow to 500 over the next few years.

Tom Werner, SunPower CEO, said city incentives would help keep his company in San Jose, including an expected $2.5 million package over five years to help with permitting, utility and sales tax.

Mr Werner said: “This move to a larger campus reinforces our planned growth over the next several years, not just here, but around the globe, as we continue to design, manufacture and deliver the highest efficient solar cells and panels on the market today.”

SunPower is currently looking at a possible $30 million low-interest loan from the state of California, which it could use towards building improvements and equipment. It is already planning a rooftop solar array for its new campus, along with a solar carport.

The company currently employs 900 people in ths US, most in the San Francisco Bay Area, with another 100 to be hired as SunPower completes a new manufacturing facility in Milpitas.

Globally, SunPower employes about 6,000 staff.

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed said: “SunPower’s new campus will serve as a showcase for innovation and green investment. I congratulate and thank SunPower for playing a crucial role in the implementation of the City’s Green Vision, adding clean tech jobs that will help stimulate our economy, retrofitting its new buildings to green standards, and for powering its campus with solar power.”


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