Sunday, August 19, 2012

New Solar Module Reduces Payback by up to 5 Years

Full service solar solutions provider ecoSolargy has released three new solar module lines: the Lotus, Apollo, and Zeus series. The new series have been designed in order to improve the efficiency and reduce the investment payback time by up to five years.

“An increasing number of businesses have begun recognizing the environmental and cost-effective benefits of going solar,” said Alan H. Lee, CEO at ecoSolargy. “ecoSolargy’s objective is to facilitate the use of renewable energy through the provision of reliable and affordable solar solutions. The features in our new lines embody our commitment to sustainability, quality and cost-savings for our customers.”


The new high-efficiency, black-on-black Lotus solar modules come in three different wattages to fit a variety of solar projects. The Lotus panels are engineered at the molecular level using state-of-the-art nanotechnology. Unlike regular solar modules, nanotechnology-built panels have a smooth surface that prevents water, dust, and dirt accumulation, making them self-cleaning, anti-fading, anti-fogging, and anti-bacterial.

The modules’ buildup resistance improves solar energy absorption by up to 6% and increases efficiency by 35% over a 20-year period. This feature also eliminates the need for periodical cleaning maintenance and ensures the panels are always performing at maximum efficiency, resulting in cost savings equivalent to a three- to five-year decrease in payback time.

The Lotus series also offer excellent performance under low light conditions, and the black aluminum frames withstand the severest of environmental conditions.

Apollo and Zeus

ecoSolargy’s Apollo and Zeus mono-crystalline photovoltaic modules come in five different wattages that adapt to many budgets and project sizes. In addition to durability benefits — including corrosion and high wind loads resistance — both Apollo and Zeus panels rank high in performance. The Zeus 300W module has the second-highest PTC* rating out of all 300w mono crystalline PV modules in the market; the Apollo 250W module, when combined with a M215 micro inverter, delivers one of the most efficient system performances in the market.

Alpha, Orion and Titan

ecoSolargy is also revamping three of its existing module lines. The Alpha, Orion, and Titan series have been improved for maximum efficiency and cost-savings. All the updated panels have more power, are more efficient, and ensure quicker investment payback.


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