Thursday, August 9, 2012

Solar Race Team Returns Victorious

The Houston Solar Race Car teams came down Highway 15 Saturday evening, winners of yet another solar car challenge.

They came sporting championship trophies for both girls' and boys' racing teams.

Parents said they could not have been prouder.

"I'm very proud of all of our children. They have worked very hard and come home with Sundancer One's 12-year trophy in a row," Amy Callahan said. Her son is captain of the boys' team.

Team members attributed this year's success to having the right racing plan.

"Well, we started out on the first day, we kept our constant speed and we got ahead. And the second day, our lead just gradually got bigger. We stuck to our plan. We didn't veer from it," team captain Nick Callahan said. "And then we went on the third day. We got to 224 laps ahead. We knew it was pretty much wrapped up then, unless we did something detrimentally bad."

As for the girls' team, success was just as satisfying this year.

"It was a really good feeling, actually. We worked hard all year and then we went out to the race and it all came together for us," Houston Lady Racers member Suzy Reese said.

And no matter how many times you win, they say each time is a little sweeter than the last.

"It was a lot of fun. There was a good bit of competition there," team member Tyler Wilson said. "And we came out on top and won it."

"Everything went as planned. We really didn't have any flat tires. We did what we were supposed to do and we came home with the trophies as you can see," another team member said.

Once the solar race car teams were back in town, they had time for one more race to celebrate the victories.

"We spent four days out in the hot sun, about three days of qualifying and scrutineering, [and] all of the cars didn't get in the race. That was one of the first true tests for our team, to pass the scrutineering. That made sure they built the car by the race rules, and the students understood it and knew how to race it safely and effectively," said Keith Reese, a teacher and team sponsor.

Reese said the students' strategy was to get ahead in the race and stay there.

And they said that's exactly what happened.

Reese said they're already preparing for a cross-country race next year.


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