Sunday, August 5, 2012

SPG Solar's Newest SunSeeker(R) Tracker Is Built to Last in All Weather Conditions

SPG Solar today launched the next generation of its tracker, the All Weather SunSeeker(R) tracker at Intersolar North America. This updated single axis tracker technology has been engineered by SPG Solar to cost less of over its lifetime, deliver more solar energy over its lifetime and is built to last in all weather conditions. The SunSeeker is an automated single axis tracker that follows the sun through the course of the day and produces up to 25 percent more solar energy than a fixed tilt system.

The Sunseeker now provides a solution for commercial photovoltaic (PV) customers in all regions of the United States, even those areas that face harsh weather conditions. It has been tested and 3rd party approved for wind speeds of up to 155mph, which is the equivalent of a category 4 hurricane or 2004's Hurricane Charley. A system this robust allows sun rich markets like the Southeast and Puerto Rico to take advantage of solar's cost-saving benefits without worry.

"We looked at our customers' need for a solution that improves the economics around solar over its lifetime and is built to last, even in the harshest weather conditions," said Bill Elwell, SPG Solar's vice president of Products. "Our engineering team made one of the world's best single axis trackers even better by reducing parts and labor hours and making it a bankable option for all weather terrains."

Unmatched Engineering - Approved for Extreme Weather

-- From desert conditions, hurricane zones, to snowy regions, the All
Weather SunSeeker is engineered for performance and built to last.
-- SPG Solar was the first company to install a solar tracker at the
highest elevation and the lowest elevation -- from the snowy peaks of
the Sierra Nevada to the desert of Death Valley.
-- Destructive testing and wind tunnel testing are only a few of the
rigorous tests the SunSeeker has passed.
-- Configurable for wind speeds of up to 155mph; capable of withstanding
category 4 hurricanes, opening up new markets like Florida or islands
like Puerto Rico.

Lowest Lifetime Cost

-- 30% fewer posts by mounting 3 modules in landscape and spanning
further between foundations than our competitors = $27,077 savings per
-- Fewer motors (1 motor for 900kW DC) and overall moving parts (no
additional gears, actuators or universal joints between rows) per MW
than competitors.
-- Minimal maintenance required

Start Generating More Power Today

-- Produces up to 25% more power than a fixed tilt
-- Pre-assembled with 8 unique parts, reducing labor costs (less than 2
man hours/kW for module and tracker install)
-- Faster permitting because of 3rd party approval and engineering
-- Designed for quick and easy installation and fully scalable for multi
MW systems

The All Weather SunSeeker is available commercially, with projects under construction and a multi-MW tracker deal recently signed in Mexico.


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