Thursday, September 18, 2014

Concern Raised On Poor Quality of Chinese Solar Cells

Solar panel seen in Labutta Township in February in 2014 (Photo-EMG)
The influx of cheap Chinese-made solar panels raises concerns, mainly due to lack of guarantee and the potentially dangerous level of electromagnetic (not electronic) waves.

Aung Myint, the general secretary from the Renewable Energy Association Myanmar (REAM), said that low-quality solar panels may emit the dangerous level of electromagnetic wave, causing danger to the environment and health problems.

He noted that China is very cautious about the use of solar panels which emit the high level of electromagnetic wave in the country, but the unwanted poor-quality products are being exported to Myanmar. He added that the panels come without any guarantee and the specifications are unclear, but they find buyers here due to the cheap price.

“People here have no clue on these panels. Some people think that the big panels mean good quality. That is a major problem here,” said Aung Myint.

Solar panels are in high demand in Myanmar, to fill the electricity gap in urban and rural areas. More villages now rely more on solar power, particularly after Typhoon Nargis, as the national electricity grid has not yet reached their homes.

“People have to spend a lot of money on the installation of solar panels. Thus, the technology, design and standards of the panels matter. Without clear specifications, these could lead to a huge loss,” added Aung Myint.


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