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U.S. Sunlight Corp's Solar Powered Attic Fan and Solar Controller featured on the Money Pit

U.S. Sunlight Corp's Solar Powered Attic Fan and Solar Controller featured in the Money Pit's "New Home Improvement Products for Spring" selection.

As spring is beginning to show itself in many parts of the country, homeowners are diving into the home improvements and renovations that have been put on hold throughout the winter months. Especially as many homeowners are dreading the upcoming heat and correlating air conditioning bills, improvements to increase the energy efficiency of the home are typically at the top of the list. The Money Pit, a national talk show with a supporting website, specializes in assisting home owners with the most beneficial improvements and suggestions for individualized dilemmas. As part of the changing seasons, the Money Pit has compiled a collection of recommendations for "New Home Improvement Products for Spring" including U.S. Sunlight's Solar Powered Attic Fans and Solar Controller.

In order to reduce energy consumption in the hot summer months, it's important to treat your home to products that will help balance it and alleviate the heat that comes in. The attic space is an obvious culprit of heat buildup as the sun beats down on the roof throughout the day. Homeowners with a second floor that is chronically hotter than the first floor are aware of the effect of attic heat buildup in their home. A scientific research study found that 43% of air conditioning design load is predicated on high attic temperatures. By alleviating attic heat buildup, a home becomes more balanced and energy efficient.

Most homes come with static vents in their attic space: ridge vents, gable vents or eyebrow vents. Unfortunately, these static vents are entirely dependent on a gust of wind or thermal pressure to provide any air exchanges in the attic environment. Homeowners began making the shift to electric-powered vents to alleviate this heat. Unfortunately though, electric powered vents frequently cost as much to operate each month as they manage to save on air conditioning bills and are a major annoyance with the constant loud hum they emit. Within the past 10 years, solar powered attic ventilation has become increasingly popular as the perfect alternative to electric powered vents. U.S. Sunlight Corp has developed their solar attic ventilation products to be as effective and cost-efficient as possible. As the perfect solution, U.S. Sunlight listened to requests from customers to create an option to monitor the solar attic fan, attic temperature, attic humidity and even provide an option to run a solar powered attic fan without sunlight: the Solar Controller. The Solar Controller can work in accordance with any U.S. Sunlight attic ventilation product and can power the fan into the evening hours for less than $2 per year in electrical use. In addition, U.S. Sunlight Corp has created comprehensive, detailed instruction videos and installation instructions so the average DIY'er can install a Solar Powered Attic Fan in under 2 hours.

President of U.S. Sunlight Corp Robert Buckley states, "With the rise in energy prices, energy saving products are more cost effective than ever before. In some cases, a homeowner can install a US Sunlight solar fan for less than $50 by taking advantage of the 30% federal tax credit and rebates up to $200 per unit. We have designed a user friendly website for consumers and industry professionals to learn how our products can best be used to save money on their energy bills and extend the life of their roofs as well as a comprehensive section on federal tax credits and local rebates."

U.S. Sunlight's Solar Attic Fan and Solar Controller are sustainable products due to their solar powered nature and the benefits they provide to enhance a home's overall sustainability and helps homeowners reduce their carbon footprint. Also improving the quality of comfort within a home and offering an option to reduce reliability on air conditioning, the solar ventilation products from U.S. Sunlight are perfect renovation projects for any DIY'er. For those that need additional assistance, U.S. Sunlight also offers a nationwide network of installers to recommend by calling 1-877-50-USSUN."

Best of Show
U.S. Sunlight Corp strives to provide "Alternative Energy for Everyday Life," by designing and manufacturing innovative solar and green products to save money for the homeowner. Introduced in January of 2011, the Solar Controller has taken the home improvement industry by storm, receiving laudable praise from homeowners and industry experts alike. Homeowners now have the ability to add these additional benefits to their U.S. Sunlight attic ventilation products:

  • An option to utilize house electricity along with solar power, enabling the attic fan to run after sunset or when solar power is not available.
  • Monitoring attic fan's operating status, attic temperature and attic humidity from the Solar Controller remote's LED screen, simply by pressing a single button on the remote.

With over 100,000 products in the 2011 National Hardware Show, our Solar Attic Fan and Solar Controller caught the attention of retailers, media, and trade professionals, and won one of the Best of Show awards.


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