Monday, May 28, 2012

19 Solar, Wind And Biofuel Stocks To Watch

Yes, there are lots of deals in alternative-energy technology stocks. Your research just has to dig deeper.
Nellis Power Plant - Nellis Air Force Base. Nevada

That’s what I discovered when I was publishing my financial newsletter years ago. So when I saw Wired magazine’s new feature, “The Clean Tech Meltdown,” I knew there had to be stocks that probably weren’t melting down, were overlooked, appealed to contrarians or were long-term investments.

We began our research with Rachel Swaby’s sidebar, “Power Struggles” on Wired, focusing on eight areas in the alternative energy sector. We were able to isolate leads to 19 specific investment opportunities:

Solar power stocks: ‘One hour sunlight can power the world for a year’

The good news: There’s enough sunlight hitting “Earth in one hour to power the world for a year,” reports Wired. But the “prices for conventional solar cells have fallen 40% in the past year, due largely to a flood of panels from Chinese manufacturers, which have benefited from plunging silicon prices and government support.”

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