Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another Indian State Planning 500-MW Solar Energy Park

Southern Indian state of Karnataka is planning to set up a 500-MW solar power park soon. Recently, a 600-MW solar park was commissioned in the western state of Gujarat. According to media reports, the state government is currently working on the modalities of the integrated power plant and will submit a feasibility report within a few weeks.

The project will be based on the project located in Gujarat. The project in Gujarat has been regarded as very successful. Gujarat even surpassed the central government targets for installed solar power generation capacity. Of about 1,000 MW of solar power capacity installed in India, over 600 MW are installed in Gujarat.

Karnataka has substantial solar energy resources and has announced plans to install 200 MW of solar power capacity over five years. Several project developers are also expected to develop projects under the high-risk–high-gain Renewable Energy Certificate scheme, a market-based mechanism.

The state recently distributed contracts to set up 80 MW of solar power generation capacity to various project developers through reverse competitive bidding.

Several states in India are now looking to set up large solar energy parks. Apart from the success in Gujarat, the obligation to meet renewable purchase standards is another key reason to set up such projects. Maharashtra, which is among the largest consumers of electricity in India, is planning to set up multiple solar power projects with capacities of over 100 MW each.

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