Friday, June 1, 2012

Landing Production Line For A Dupont Film Used In Solar-Power Cells Brings Jobs To Pickaway County

A decades-old factory can sum up its resurgence with one word: Tedlar.
Kenny Bowlby inspects a finished roll of Tedlar film, a
DuPont product that’s part of most solar cells.

That is the brand name of a film that lines the backs of solar-power cells. Starting this year, the DuPont plant in Circleville became the company’s fourth in the world to make the product.

“Our stuff is on the back side,” said William Probert, operations manager for the Tedlar manufacturing line. “We like to say we are the foundation of the solar cell.”

The addition of Tedlar was part of $175 million investment that led to the hiring of about 70 additional workers. More important for the city, it was growth for a plant that had been shrinking.

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