Wednesday, December 15, 2010

1MW Installed at Cruise Ship Port of Los Angeles

The World Cruise Center at the Port of Los Angeles isn’t just for seafarers anymore. A 1-megawatt solar photovoltaic array has been installed there.

More than 5,000 crystalline modules are now spread across 71,500 square feet atop Berths 93A and B.

The system was installed by San Jose-based Cupertino Electric Inc. and rests on a self-ballasted racking system that didn’t have to be drilled into the roof. The installation is larger than a football field and is part of a $42-million upgrade that includes walkways to the cruise ships.

The panels will help the terminal cut back on its yearly electricity bill by $200,000.

And soon, in an added environmental bonus, ships may be able to pull into port and plug into outlets that allow them to store electricity produced on land instead of through polluting diesel power generators on-board.


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