Monday, December 6, 2010

Solar Scammer a Free Man in Nevada

Investigators say they've made contact with the "Solar Scammer," but right now he's still a free man.

Nicholas Jansing is accused of promising homeowners he'd get them solar panels with with government grant money. But once he got their deposits, he'd allegedly take off with the money. Apparently, he's stolen around ten thousand dollars.

Investigators say he is being cooperative as they build a case against him. Jansing could face up to five felony charges and nine misdemeanors for things like obtaining money under false pretenses, and contracting without a license.



Cheryl said...

And they are STILL putting the case together. They claim they have additional victims coming forward. I am the true owner of the company and am frustrated since I brought this to the boards' attention all the way back in August.

Cheryl said...

Ok - it's now December 28, 2010, and still no arrest. As the official owner of the company, I called Fred at the Contractors' Board who said there are still some victims coming forward (perhaps people who didn't contact me first), so they are still building their case.