Thursday, December 23, 2010

NY Solar Manfacturing Plant to Close

A solar technology company spun off by Intel Corp. has announced it will close a manufacturing plant at its upstate New York headquarters and lay off more than 100 workers less than a year after the plant opened.

In a news release, SpectraWatt blamed the shutdown on a steep decline in demand for solar cells due to a harsher-than-usual European winter. The news release said the company hopes to reverse the situation that led to the decision.

David O'Connor, a spokesman for SpectraWatt, said in an e-mail the company would make no further comment.

SpectraWatt, created in June 2008, makes photovoltaic cells in a plant opened at IBM's Hudson Valley Research Park earlier this year. It also has research and development facilities in Hillsboro, Ore.

A formal filing with the state labor department Tuesday said the company will start layoffs in March.

SpectraWatt was offered about $8 million in government subsidies to help get it started, along with at least $91.4 million in private investment.

The company's startup was touted by Gov. David Paterson, U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis and Rep. John Hall as an example of the creation of "green jobs" through investment in alternative energy technology.

The announcement came as a shock to local economic development officials.

"You could have knocked me over," John MacEnroe, president of the Dutchess County Economic Development Corp., told the Poughkeepsie Journal after Tuesday's announcement.

Charles North, president of the Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce, said, "I'm certainly disappointed, and, actually, I'm shocked."



Wyldon said...

If you go to Albany, the capitol of NY, they say there's not enough sun. They say we can't take ratepayer's money and give it anyone. We have no stable subsidy for power produced by solar power generating systems.
Who puts in the most money to campaign coffers? Utilities.
Are school children receiving EE/RE curriculum? No. Are state residents encouraged by Public Service Announcements to look into solar hot water? Are landlords looking at the reduction of the renter's utility bill or do they just pass the cost along?
SPECTRAWATT took the incentives but couldn't begin to sell to non solar NY much less to the snow weary folks of Europe. 100 jobs lost because NY in in the dark.

Carol said...

Sounds like someone figured out a way to scam alot of our tax dollars. Did they pocket the money or ship the business overseas.

Free,fair,fearless said...

i wonder why they didnt explore indian market ??