Sunday, December 5, 2010

Unique Lightweight Solar Racking

KB Racking is releasing its revolutionary AeroRack model for the Canadian market at Canada's largest solar conference next week. The Canadian affiliate of Knubix GmbH Germany, a global leader in flat roof mounting systems, will reveal its best-in-class racking system at the CanSIA Solar Canada 2010 show. KB Racking can be found at booth #828 in the Toronto Metro Convention Center on December 6th and 7th.

The company's flagship product, AeroRack, employs a unique aerodynamic design that requires virtually no ballast. Even with the weight of the solar PV module, the system adds less than 2 lbs per square foot to a roof. The system is designed so that roof penetration is unnecessary. In addition, the mounting uses a patented "quick click" technique that makes it quicker to install than traditional mounting systems. KB Racking's experience with challenging roofs in Europe demonstrates the advanced system's effectiveness for Ontario's structurally weaker roofs. AeroRack has been tested in extreme windy and snowy weather conditions and comfortably exceeds all requirements for the Ontario market.

The product will be produced in Ontario, using Canadian labour and facilities. This makes it eligible for the domestic content rules outlined in the Ontario Power Authority's FIT program. AeroRack will contribute to the creation of new jobs in Ontario as a result of the Green Energy Act.


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