Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cool Solar Products - Solar Flashlights

Solar flashlight are one of the essential tools for any emergency conditions. They can be used anytime and don’t need anything but the sunlight to recharge. Generally, this solar flashlights use LED bulbs, which use more less energy but give great light result.

Many campers an hikers thinks that this solar flashlight is the best equipment for them since this product designed operated without batteries. This mean the hikers and campers don’t need extra supplies in their bag. This product always have solar panels integrated into the body, and with just letting them under the sunlight in a few hours usually enough to charge them for a full night’s use. The best thins, they are also classifieds to portable equipment, so you can easily bring it on wherever you go.

Verilux ReadyLight Natural Spectrum Solar Rechargeable Flashlight
Price: $29.95

The Verilux ReadyLight, featuring 6 super-bright LED Natural Spectrum bulbs, provides a wider beam than other conventional flashlights, while eliminating the need to frequently dispose of expensive batteries. The extra-large solar panel recharges quickly and the ruggedized construction provides years of reliable service. Handy clip provides hands-free operation during emergencies. Verilux donates $1 from the purchase or each ReadyLight to the New Sudan Education Initiative (NESE) for installation of solar power in their secondary schools throughout southern Sudan.

The ‘Green’ Flashlight – 5 Bright LED SOLAR-Charged!
Price : $5.80

Definitely NOT a ‘gimmick’ flashlight – this one puts out a lot of useful light and the rechargeable batteries (included) have impressive storage and output capacity (we actually had more than the manufacturer’s stated 3-hour battery life in our tests). Sleek, easy-to-hold design – can’t roll away on you and includes built-in compass. 6″-length, 2″ width, 1-1/2″ lamp-head.

Seattle Sports Sol Jus Solar Charger
Price: $38.78

This compact solar charger is a great camp mate. With a USB outbound charger, it’s capable of charging most USB compatible devices, including iPods, cameras, and cell phones. Plug your own cable into the outbound charging socket to charge your GPS and other devices. A built-in 3-function light has 2 flashlight settings and 1 strobe setting. An easy-grip exterior rubberized coating is shock-resistant too.


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