Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Top Three States for Solar Energy

After researching states all across the country and compiling the information into one report, Arizona State University’s School of Business named the top three states that would benefit the most from solar energy: Arizona, Colorado, and Georgia.

While the conclusion was based on many factors, it was mostly determined according to how much sunlight the state receives and how much electricity is currently costing the state’s residents.

Because electricity is more expensive in some states than others, cash-strapped residents are more likely to be interested in alternate energy sources.

Colorado’s number-two slot is a clear indication that the solar initiatives that Governor Bill Ritter has backed in the past year are helping.

The progress comes mostly from the Colorado Industrial Energy Challenge, which has encouraged state companies with high energy bills to turn to solar energy to cut costs.

Individual consumers have also been able to catch a break with state- and utility-sponsored rebates for new solar installations.

Major players in the solar energy game include Denver public schools, Colorado State University at Boulder, and Denver International Airport.

And with 300+ days of sunshine a year, it’s only a short time before these installations will be making a mark on the local energy grid.

Georgia residents, on the other hand, aren’t quite as willing to take advantage of their prime solar-generating conditions. This is in large part due to the state’s already low energy costs—a factor that will undoubtedly slow progress for now.



Lili F said...

It's the University of Colorado at Boulder. Colorado State University is in Fort Collins, although they have both been instrumental in promoting clean energy in Colorado

T.R. said...

Odd that Georgia would be on the list given the low cost of energy... You would think the northeast/ mid atlantic
would have at least one state in there.

T.R. said...

Odd given the low price of power in GA. Would have thought somewhere in the NE or MidA would have made it.