Friday, May 11, 2012

Earth Day Technology: The Spray-on Solar Panel?

New firms are challenging conventional rooftop solar by using thin-film technology on windows and even indoors. On this Earth Day, conventional Chinese companies are the cost leaders. But US firms have the technical edge.
Steve Alexander checks the plastic coating on a solar panel
made by Konarka in New Bedford, Mass. As the world Earth
Day, US firms are trying to commercialize celebrates the new
flexible solar panels that can harvest light from a far wider
number of areas than conventional solar-panel technology.

The solar energy industry is thinking beyond the roof. Instead of those large flat rooftop solar arrays, some companies are trying to convince architects and builders to use windows to generate electricity using nearly transparent plastic film that can be sprayed on or rolled on with an adhesive.

How about inside the building? The same technology can be used to collect juice from ceiling. As the world celebrates Earth Day, the solar industry is trying to capture energy in places never considered before.

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