Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Portable Solar Refrigerator Anywhere Fridge in Crowdfunding Bid

The Anywhere Fridge folds up to the size of an average briefcase and can be pulled along like a roller suitcase. ― AFP pic
NEW YORK, June 29 ― As word of their practicality circulates, solar-powered portable refrigerators are slowly catching on, but the Anywhere Fridge is especially making waves.

Imagine hiking to that picturesque spot by the lake with a self-sustaining cooler that contains the picnic.

When it’s done, the cooler folds up to the size of an average briefcase and can be pulled along like a roller suitcase.

With 23 days to go in its Indegogo campaign, the Anywhere Fridge, which also has freezing and warming capacities, has raised US$58,370 (RM187,542).

The smallest version is currently available for pre-order for US$199, with delivery expected in October of this year.

According to the Indegogo campaign page, this same unit will retail for US$299, and the larger version has a pre-order price tag of US$499, expecting to retail for one hundred dollars more.

International shipping is available for US$25 or US$35, depending on the size of the product ordered.

The smallest version measures 18 inches long, nine inches high and 14 inches wide. Like its larger version (L-25 inches; H-19 inches; H-10 inches), it is 5 inches thick when folded.

Both versions of the device come equipped with USB ports and AC/DC outlets for extra power.

China based Nanjing Solark PV Technology & Co Ltd, offers a similar product, although it is not collapsible and does not include warming capacities.

US-based Grape Solar offers an array of products, including two similar to the latter, in small and large versions for US$529.99 and US$699.99, respectively.

They are approximately the same dimensions as the Anywhere Fridge with minute differentials.

Solar cooling units have been particularly sought after in hot climates, and not just for leisure purposes. ― AFP-Relaxnews


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