Thursday, July 17, 2014

Solar Farm Gets Bright New Look

Students with some of the bird boxes. (s)
CHILDREN from a Broadway primary school put their artistic skills to the test in a bid to brighten up a new solar farm.

Youngsters from Willersey CE Primary School, on Church Street, painted bird boxes for the new farm at Willersey to highlight the importance of preserving wildlife in the area.

Bat and hedgehog boxes were also painted by the four- to seven-year-olds, to form part of a new nature reserve which is being built around the solar panels.

The competition was arranged by the farm operators, BELECTRIC UK, who visited the school to teach pupils about the vital nature reserve.

Raoul Tufnell, BELECTRIC UK development and planning manager, said: “I’m thrilled to see the solar farm at Willersey now operational.

“We have sought at every point in the process to listen to the views of the community and since the site has been commissioned, we have worked with the local community on the implementation of ecological and biodiversity

enhancements to the site.

“The feedback from the village has been extremely positive and we will continue to build our relationship with the village for the full 25-year lifetime of the project’s operation.”

The farm will be open to the public on Solar Independence Day on July 4.


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