Sunday, July 13, 2014

Proposed Solar Farm

Photo: Proposed solar farm
The planning application for the construction of a solar park at a site at Handley Park Farm in Towcester parish comes before South Northamptonshire Council’s Development and Control Committee soon. The site immediately borders Abthorpe parish and very few local people will have actually set foot there. The application is for an installed capacity of up to 12 Mega Watts, enough to meet the electrical needs of at least 26000 average UK homes.

Abthorpe Parish Council has considered the application and submitted an objection as it believes that vehicular access to the site at Foscote is unsafe.

Andy Preston, SNC’s Head of Development Management has recommended to the committee that it should refuse the full planning application. The council’s web site reports that nine replies have been received from local people wishing to comment on the proposals.

None of these are from residents of Towcester parish in which the proposed solar park is to be erected, two are from Silverstone, one from Potterspury, three from outlying parts of Abthorpe Parish and one from within the village (Me). An additional two replies have been received from Potterspury and Kettering respectively.

It seems the silent majority will trust the Development Control Committee to make the right decision on behalf of us all.


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