Sunday, July 6, 2014

Solar Panel Farm at Griffiss Proposed

A solar panel farm could be sprouting in Griffiss Business and Technology Park. The Griffiss Local Development Corp. Board of Directors approved an option with a Vermont-based installer of solar energy systems for a project Thursday. The firm, groSolar, is looking at about 20 acres of undeveloped land off of Perimeter Road between the Griffiss Institute building and Family Dollar warehouse.

The company also has a project in the works with the city. It intends to install nearly 10,000 solar panels in rows on about four acres at the former Tannery Road landfill.

If the company pursues a lease at Griffiss following completion of a feasibility study and other reviews like environmental and electrical grid interconnect, it will pay GLDC up to $40,000 in the first year. There would be an annual 2 percent escalator for the remainder of the 25-year lease. There’s also a five-year renewal option.

During the directors’ discussion of the option, GLDC attorney Jef Saunders recommended language covering removal of the solar panels by the company at the end of the lease and requiring a fence around the panels.

The fee for the option is $500.

GLDC staff said the electricity generated by the panels would be sold to by groSolar to customers.

The firm’s website says it has completed more than 2,000 installations nationwide, including applications atop brown fields and landfills, commercial, educational, municipal facilities, and manufacturing plants.


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